All students really want is to speak English fluently. And here at CNA English school we are always thinking of ways to improve learning, making it more real and human. So, we thought in a very special group of people: seniors living in retirement communities.

Students want to practice English, and elderly people someone to talk to. Therefore, we create a way for them to meet each other: Speaking Exchange, an educational project that connects students and seniors over the Internet. Thus, a conversation exercise is also an act of solidarity and personal growth. It is an exchange in which everyone wins.

The student logs into the program, chooses a senior who is online, and starts talking.

For a while the conversation is guided with suggestions of topics, for example.

Then they chat freely.

At the end, the conversations video goes to a private link to our YouTube channel for teacher evaluation.

CNA believes that the Speaking Exchange is a project in which everybody wins. A great chance for students to practice English and meet people with lots of stories to tell, as well as an excellent activity so that the elderly feel active and make new friendships. Join us.

Participating in CNA Speaking Exchange is easier than you think.
All your unit needs is a computer with webcam and broadband Internet access (at least 8 MB). Moreover, it should provide a teacher to supervise the exercise. For the time being, the project CNA Speaking Exchange is beta, in other words, it is in a trial period. Sign up to be advised when the official activities begin.

For the time being, the project CNA Speaking Exchange is in a trial period. But you can sign up your institution already. We will let you know as soon as the official activities begin.

All your institution will need is a computer with Internet access and webcam. CNA provides a free Speaking Exchange app to install in
your computer. Then you just have to register the elderly who are
willing to participate in the activity and schedule a day and time of
the week for the conversations to happen.

The whole project has pedagogical and social monitoring of CNA.